Snake bites and your pets

As the weather heats up and things start to get dry it's important for pet owners to be aware of increased snake activity.

Our pets are naturally curious and have built in hunting instincts so it is common for them to become bitten when they encounter a snake.  As always prevention is better than cure, however if you find your cat or dog has been bitten by a snake here are some helpful tips to get them to the vet for immediate treatment.

Signs to look out for are sudden weakness, shaking or twitching, drooling, vomiting or loss of bladder or bowel control.  If any of these signs present look for a wound, most often a strike will be around the head or on a limb.  If you do find a bite you should immobilise your pet as soon as possible and go straight to your local vet.

Ideally its always best to be able to identify the type of snake which has bitten your pet, however unless it is safe for you and your family, keep clear of the snake and let it retreat in peace.  If the snake is in your home or appears to not be leaving your back yard you can contact the local park department or a reputable snake catcher.

In the meantime, keep sensible when walking your dog or letting your cat out each day - remember snakes are more active late afternoon/ early evening so try to avoid overgrown areas and keep your lawn nice and short.

Keep safe this summer as you enjoy the warmer weather!

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