To harness or not to harness?

Here at Mishy Moo Pets we have been lucky enough to have had a number of different breeds of dogs in our life, from the very small to the very big!  One thing we have noticed is the increase in use of harnesses across all dogs - no matter what the size.  In this weeks BLOG we've asked a two of our LOCAL canine experts on when you should and more importantly, when you shouldn't be using a harness on your dog.  

We asked local dog trainer and canine psychologist Grace McGuren of K9 Class when would she not recommend using a harness and why; "walking or training is not a good time to use a harness, in fact the only time I do use a harness is when the dog is in the car as it is a safer option for anchoring the dog rather than using their collar."  Grace added that "when you try to correct the dog when walking while wearing a harness the initial reaction or 'built-in' response from the dog is to pull back on you... you are then essentially pulling against the strongest part of the dogs body which adds double the weight of your dog onto their joints!"

The main point here is if you think you need a harness to control your dog when walking or in social situations then you may like to look at some other options first, such as an Infin8 Halter or Gentle Leader.  These products are designed to help you steer your dog in the right direction and help you gain more control over where your dog goes.

So when would the experts recommend you use a harness?  We asked local dog trainers and owners of the very popular doggy day care service Houndog when they would recommend the use of a harness and which ones they use; "using a harness for walking is not ideal as all the dogs' strength is in its back and can encourage them to pull.  We use harnesses on all the dogs who come on our doggy day trips as it gives us a quick and easy way to keep the dogs safe when transporting them to and from the parks and beaches were we take them to exercise off-lead.  By using a harness we can quickly and safely reconnect the dogs back onto the lead to get them back in the van and onto our next destination.  The best harnesses we use are the EzyDog QuickFit Harness as they are durable, waterproof, comfortable and strong - and even better they are easy to fit!"

Hope this gives you food for thought!

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